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The Geeks & The Traditional – Managing Alliances and Learning for the Future

Research has shown that between 30 and 70% of all alliances fail, for various reasons (Note 1). Last month I did some research around a merger to apply theory around alliance strategy to a real life case. I summarised this particular case in a short, … Continue reading

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Merging Companies – Merging People

A while ago, I got the opportunity to talk to someone who has built his own company from a rather small, local enterprise, to an international group. Let’s call him A. I also talked to a person who built up her own … Continue reading

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Back in business

It’s been a while. I am back at work with top levels of motivation and the belief that I can make a difference. Sounds like a bit of a cliché, don’t you think? Almost a year ago I wrote about … Continue reading

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“So, What Is The New Boss Like?”

Most people have probably changed bosses a few times during their career. I’m part of those who find it exciting and interesting to get a new boss. I paint bright pictures of how they will sweep into the office, smile, … Continue reading

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American and Multi-Cultural – “You Cannot be Heard if you Do Not Speak Up”

In this interview Sarah Rifaat, a corporate lawyer turned entrepreneur, shares her thoughts on ambition, career, and what makes you develop as a person at work. Name               Sarah Rifaat Age           … Continue reading

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What Surfing and Pursuing a Career Have in Common

This morning I went surfing. Lucky sod, you may think, and there I can only agree. Other than just being a lot of fun, surfing can to some extent be compared to what it is like to work and pursue … Continue reading

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But Daddy, Mummy would have to become a boss first

Earlier this week, during the usual bedtime story chat one evening, a little voice made a comment of the more unusual sort : “But Daddy, Mummy would have to become a boss first.” Why, you may ask, do you hear … Continue reading

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