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Back in business

It’s been a while. I am back at work with top levels of motivation and the belief that I can make a difference. Sounds like a bit of a cliché, don’t you think? Almost a year ago I wrote about … Continue reading

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Does Happiness Guarantee Productivity?

Working in France, I often hear that “The French are the most productive workers in Europe” (if it wasn’t even “in the World”). I find that very odd. Coming from a culture of a simple “Hello+smile” in the mornings and … Continue reading

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Biscuits Without Bosses – How France’s 2nd Largest Biscuit Producer Changed its Management Concept

I spoke with a friend about innovative management in France the other day, and she said: I know of this a company with a really interesting approach, you should check it out! The company is called Poult. It makes biscuits … Continue reading

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Dear Readers, I just wanted to share some good news with you, while I’m working on the upcoming interviews in the Everyday Women series. After less than four months of blogging, it seems I have managed to reach a pretty global … Continue reading

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The “Everyday Woman” and Work

The internet is brimming with articles about leading women and their relation to leadership, management, careers, diversity, work/life balance, and other subjects. These women are extremely inspiring, and sometimes awe-inspiring too. But what about the women who are not in a management position … Continue reading

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Diversity and Change Management

How do you change a culture, and in this case corporate culture, to increase acceptance and promotion of diversity? Over the holidays, I read an article in the Economist about how to change the mentality of men in criminal gangs … Continue reading

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Square Ladies’ Association & Inspiring Students 20 Years Down the Line

When I was about fifteen years old, our English teacher brought me and a group of other girls to a conference held by the Square Ladies’ association. In Swedish, a Square Lady (or ‘a lady with square’ if you translate … Continue reading

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