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Good Leadership

What is good leadership? This post is not about being a good boss, it’s about good qualities everyone can work on, in order to be respected and appreciated at work, and, in the long run, increase the chances both of … Continue reading

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Three Different Experiences

I have a friend who had been working for seven years at the same company. Actually, they are three, but they can all be introduced in the same way: A punchy woman in her mid-thirties, serious in her job, driven, fun, and … Continue reading

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How A Don’t Becomes a Do

You know how you tell children not to do something? And then they do. Adults are not much different… I found a really interesting article in the HBR online the other day, resuming a few things I’ve mentioned earlier on this blog. The good … Continue reading

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The Meaning of Meaning

Some people hate buying IKEA furniture because you have to assemble it yourself, and some love it, for the same reason. I’m part of the latter group, I could spend days going to IKEA, buy stuff, and then assemble it. I’m always happy because … Continue reading

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