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The Geeks & The Traditional – Managing Alliances and Learning for the Future

Research has shown that between 30 and 70% of all alliances fail, for various reasons (Note 1). Last month I did some research around a merger to apply theory around alliance strategy to a real life case. I summarised this particular case in a short, … Continue reading

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“So, What Is The New Boss Like?”

Most people have probably changed bosses a few times during their career. I’m part of those who find it exciting and interesting to get a new boss. I paint bright pictures of how they will sweep into the office, smile, … Continue reading

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American and Multi-Cultural – “You Cannot be Heard if you Do Not Speak Up”

In this interview Sarah Rifaat, a corporate lawyer turned entrepreneur, shares her thoughts on ambition, career, and what makes you develop as a person at work. Name               Sarah Rifaat Age           … Continue reading

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What Surfing and Pursuing a Career Have in Common

This morning I went surfing. Lucky sod, you may think, and there I can only agree. Other than just being a lot of fun, surfing can to some extent be compared to what it is like to work and pursue … Continue reading

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To Value or Evaluate Employees

I recently came across a discussion on my new favourite network Skiller, about the benefits and horrors of yearly objectives and evaluations. Why not just assume that people to do their job well, and that would be the end of … Continue reading

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The Libération of French Companies

Libération. It sounds like some type of communist concept, or at least as if the sweat shops in Asia were being dismantled and changed into factories where the workers are well treated. This was my first reaction when I saw … Continue reading

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Diversity and Change Management

How do you change a culture, and in this case corporate culture, to increase acceptance and promotion of diversity? Over the holidays, I read an article in the Economist about how to change the mentality of men in criminal gangs … Continue reading

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