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American and Multi-Cultural – “You Cannot be Heard if you Do Not Speak Up”

In this interview Sarah Rifaat, a corporate lawyer turned entrepreneur, shares her thoughts on ambition, career, and what makes you develop as a person at work. Name               Sarah Rifaat Age           … Continue reading

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What Surfing and Pursuing a Career Have in Common

This morning I went surfing. Lucky sod, you may think, and there I can only agree. Other than just being a lot of fun, surfing can to some extent be compared to what it is like to work and pursue … Continue reading

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Last Friday – On Mentors

Last Friday was one of the more stressful days I have had so far in my life. Not stressful like “I-have-too-much-to-do-at-work-and-I’ll-miss-the-kids’-school-performance-and-I-can’t-leave-because-of-this-really-important-meeting” stress, as the one you sometimes feel when you are a new working mum, but which goes away after … Continue reading

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Networks – Useful or Social?

Networking is The Thing people tell you to do if you want to land that great job after university, move forward once you’re on the job market, or make your new business take off. But what is a good network? … Continue reading

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Skiller, Skillant, Skillé – New Lingo in France’s Newest Social Network

Are you a professional? Do you sometimes wish you had the answer to that specific question in an area where you have absolutely no clue about how things work? Do you enjoy sharing ideas and knowledge with others? Tu parles … Continue reading

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Driven by the Will to Win – A Woman Lawyer who Decided to Prove Everyone Wrong

It’s always great to travel, see new places and meet new people. But little did I suspect that a lazy week end on the Atlantic coast would lead to a meeting with an inspiring woman who makes determination take on … Continue reading

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Good Leadership

What is good leadership? This post is not about being a good boss, it’s about good qualities everyone can work on, in order to be respected and appreciated at work, and, in the long run, increase the chances both of … Continue reading

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