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To Value or Evaluate Employees

I recently came across a discussion on my new favourite network Skiller, about the benefits and horrors of yearly objectives and evaluations. Why not just assume that people to do their job well, and that would be the end of … Continue reading

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Does Happiness Guarantee Productivity?

Working in France, I often hear that “The French are the most productive workers in Europe” (if it wasn’t even “in the World”). I find that very odd. Coming from a culture of a simple “Hello+smile” in the mornings and … Continue reading

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The French, the Danes, and Happiness Indices

You can read a number of articles in France’s online press on how the young generation is fleeing the country to work in other, less sordid, environments. The Sinistrose* is widespread in the workplace. Factories close. Only 11% of the … Continue reading

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The Libération of French Companies

Libération. It sounds like some type of communist concept, or at least as if the sweat shops in Asia were being dismantled and changed into factories where the workers are well treated. This was my first reaction when I saw … Continue reading

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