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“So, What Is The New Boss Like?”

Most people have probably changed bosses a few times during their career. I’m part of those who find it exciting and interesting to get a new boss. I paint bright pictures of how they will sweep into the office, smile, … Continue reading

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The Libération of French Companies

Libération. It sounds like some type of communist concept, or at least as if the sweat shops in Asia were being dismantled and changed into factories where the workers are well treated. This was my first reaction when I saw … Continue reading

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Women’s Leadership Movements in France

As I dig deeper into the blogosphere, Twitter, and online press, and as I continue to discuss with others about what I do during my “year off” (yes, it does happen that I discuss in real time, with real people … Continue reading

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The Leadership Trend – Does the American Model Fit France?

As I was going through existing material on the internet about French and American corporate culture, I realised that, in spite of my five years of living in France, I still had not fully grasped the differences in French and … Continue reading

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Why He Hires Women

Over the years, I have always heard: Men will tell you that they are good at things even if they are only average, women will say they could do better even if they are good. So what type of person … Continue reading

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Good Leadership

What is good leadership? This post is not about being a good boss, it’s about good qualities everyone can work on, in order to be respected and appreciated at work, and, in the long run, increase the chances both of … Continue reading

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The Meaning of Meaning

Some people hate buying IKEA furniture because you have to assemble it yourself, and some love it, for the same reason. I’m part of the latter group, I could spend days going to IKEA, buy stuff, and then assemble it. I’m always happy because … Continue reading

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