The “Everyday Woman” and Work

The internet is brimming with articles about leading women and their relation to leadership, management, careers, diversity, work/life balance, and other subjects. These women are extremely inspiring, and sometimes awe-inspiring too.

But what about the women who are not in a management position yet, or those who are not in the ranks of Very Influential Women (VIW) just yet?

There are great surveys, including one made by Harvard, giving statistics about the gender gap and leadership trends, the views of various generations etc. And they provide a lot of support for things that I have been mulling over for some time, and I am comforted in the knowledge that my ideas and impressions are not only hallucinations by some type of distorted Scandinavian working abroad.

Statistics, however, are not real life stories. Those who work, who want to make a difference, who may, or may not, be managing a team of people, and who think that questions about management and leadership are really important all have something to say. Very often, the things they say are just as interesting as the stories of the VIW. As I feel that the supply of this is somewhat meagre in the online universe (could I even have found a niche here?) I have decided to do a series of interviews of “normal” women around the world.

I hope that by doing this, different perspectives and viewpoints will come to light, possibly illustrating international differences in the perception of women on work, management and leadership. The first interview is due soon, do continue reading!

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One Response to The “Everyday Woman” and Work

  1. Lady Lees says:

    Good idea!! Looking forward to reading non VIF women’s opinions on the subject! 👍



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